Today we are proud to introduce you to the Design-CT project! Design-CT is an Erasmus+ project that aims at supporting teachers with different digital competencies’ profiles across Europe to become creators of their own digital learning resources. Design-CT offers training programmes in the form of learning nuggets and an ecosystem with an authoring tool and pedagogical kits enabling the easy creation of didactical digital lessons and resources.

The authoring tools’ smart recommendation feature and kits offer automated design, lessons’ templates and a library of multimedia resources, pedagogical selected tools and apps. The tool also includes a multilingual translation feature for teachers to easily re-use shared content.

The Design-CT project is designed to extend and support existing systems used by educational organizations. The ecosystem and its elements can be shared in whole or in part on most external systems, including learning management systems and content repositories.

The Design-CT project is expected to have a great impact on schools’ digitization and teachers’ professional development with its flexibility, possible integration and inclusiveness. The Design-CT project has the potential to advance the integration of smart technologies in the education sector, supporting transnational cooperation and overcoming language barriers. More importantly, the project is inclusive to all teachers supporting them to become designers and creators of their own pedagogically sound blended- and digital- lessons and resources with minimal effort and time.


How will the Design-CT project achieve its goals?

Design-CT results and activities are co-designed and co-created with teachers in an iterative process. To begin with, teachers take part in a survey to share their teaching practices in digital and blended learning settings, as well as their implementation challenges and needs. The results of the survey will feed into the training programmes and kits’ framework. With the first training outlines and kits ready, teachers forming the Design-CT cells, will help refine and improve the framework and support in the creation of the programmes and kits.

As the programmes and kits are co-designed and tested with teachers, several online and in-person workshops and trainings are planned. The volunteering teachers forming the initial Design-CT cells and supporting the production of the project activities and results, may become trainers themselves. The Design-CT P2P cells (peer-to-peer) will then shape the planned peer-to-peer training programmes and are supported by the Design-CT community and project partners to become ambassadors of digital education in their communities.